Is Mast Mein Rehne Ka really as good as so many reviews are claiming it to be? 


  • The movie, dealing with lonely Mumbai oldies at one end, and the poor and strugglers at the other end, has many flaws. Yet, because it is charming to an extent, thanks to excellent performances by Jackie Shroff, Neena Gupta, Abhishek Chauhan and Monika Panwar. 
  • The story is about loner Mumbaikar V S Kamath (Shroff) and Canda return Prakash Kaur (Gupta) at one end, and Nanhe (Chauhan) and Rani (Panwar) at the other end. Kamath, who has not conversed with a woman since 12 years, comes across Kaur accidently and they develop a relationship. This happens quite late in the narrative and with unnecessary delays. 
  • The parallelll track of Nanhe as a tailor and Rani as his love interest begins on a promising note. But soon, it falls into mediocrity. However, both the actors shine in their respective characters, just like the lead protagonists. 
  • There is Rakhi Sawant playing Bilkis, whose track helps uplift Nanhe’s track to an extent.
  • The film actually takes some interesting turns only when Kamath and Prakash come closer. Post that, because lots of screen-time is already consumed in things lesser important, the most interesting happenings that would have lifted the film better, come and go in jiffy. 
  • Even the climax is half cooked and uninspirational. There was no need to bring Prakash’s son Randheer (Mashhoor Amrohi) in the frame. 
  • In all, many viewers would find it difficult to decide whether they liked Mast Mein Ehne Ka more or disliked more. 
  • In the end, what can be said in its favour is the fact that it tries to touchdvelve upon a real social issues related old age people, shows some Mumbai locations differently, and gives some satisfaction through lead actors’ performances.
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